- Festival days -

  • Fri 24 Aug7pm - midnight
  • Sat 25 Aug2pm - midnight
  • Sun 26 Aug1pm - 11pm


Festival Beers

Scottish breweries from across the country will supply over forty different ales, lagers and ciders for the festival. You can check out the 2017 list by clicking on the brewery tabs below to reveal the ales along with the tasting notes.

Alechemy Brewing

Ten Storey Malt Bomb (Modern 80/-) (4.5%)
Ten Storey malt bomb, we made this beer for you. A modern take on a Scottish 80/- made with ten varieties of malt. My goodness - its got to be tried!!
Bad day at the office (Pale Ale) (4.5%)
An accolade to a long and frustrating day. With a generous amount of hops and a low ABV, what better way to put a smile back on your face? A light golden ale with a heavy hop bitterness and flavoured with a strong fruit and citrus aroma.
Ritual Pale Ale (IPA) (4.1%)
Alechemy's flagship beer. Ritual is an IPA with a medium malt backbone giving way to refreshing bitterness, with a citrus and slightly spicy hop aroma.

Belhaven Brewery

Bridge to Nowhere (Pale Ale) (4.5%)
Belhaven have brewed this bright, hoppy pale ale in tribute to Belhaven’s other famous landmark: The "Bridge to Nowhere" which carries the footpath over to Belhaven Bay. When the tide comes in, the path disappears, just like your thirst with this zippy refreshing beer.
St Andrews Ale (Bitter) (4.9%)
A real classic, Belhaven's St. Andrews Ale is inspired by another great Scottish invention - golf. It's simple really - a truly great beer, great balance and great flavours. Just the thing to quench the thirst after a day on the course.

Black Isle Brewery

Organic Blonde (4.5%)
Is it a lager? Is it a pale ale? Does it even matter or does anyone care? Brewed with Hallertau hops for a grassy, Germanic aroma, this continental style beer carries a hint of honey sweetness which balances with the dry, crisp, refreshing palate and the biscuity finish. A genre defying classic.

Burnside Brewery

Wild Rhino Blond (4.5%)
Wild Rhino is a delicate Blonde Beer -Golden yellow, soft sweet berryfruit nose, honey, lightly hopped, with a hint of raspberry. Carefully craft brewed using a quality single malted barley, torrified wheat and Styrian Goldings hops.

Cairngorm Brewery Company

Wildcat – (Amber Ale) (5.1%)
A smooth, deep amber coloured ale with a complex malt, fruit and hop flavour. Strong and distinctive like the powerful sleek Scottish Wildcat it is named after!
Trade Winds (Golden Ale) (4.3%)
Light golden in colour with a high proportion of wheat giving the beer a clean fresh taste. The mash blends together with the Perle hops and elderflower providing a bouquet of fruit and citrus flavours

Fallen Brewing Co

New World Odyssey (Pale Ale) (4.1%)
A refreshing, easy drinking lager-style beer with a fruity aroma and slightly spicy citrusy flavour. Try it with fish, shellfish, white meats, cheeses or anything spicy. Dominant flavours/aromas: Crisp, fresh, fruity and tropical.
Local Motive (IPA) (3.9%)
We’ve taken our session beer, brewed especially for the Cross Keys (Kippen), and turbo-charged it with Mosaic dry-hops. Easy-drinking but loads of flavour. Solid caramel malt on the tongue, this 3.9 session strength brew has bags of taste, there’s a little background yeast, but the finish is strong and fresh tasting. Really good

Fyne Ales

Jarl (Bitter Ale) (3.8%)
Very pale, straw colour. An aroma of passion fruit and hemp gives way to a grassy hop. Passion fruit and grapefruit flavours persist, through use of the Citra hop. Long bitter grassy finish SIBA Champion Beer of Scotland 2011 Gold Medal Winner – International Beer Challenge 2011 Glasgow CAMRA Beer of the Year 2009/10
Avalanche (Golden Ale) (4.5%)
This true golden ale starts with stunning citrus on the nose. Well-balanced with good body and fruit balancing a refreshing hoppy taste, it finishes with a long bittersweet aftertaste. Silver Medal Winner – International Beer Challenge 2010 World’s Best Blonde Ale – World Beer Awards 2008

Harviestoun Brewery

Shiehallion (Pilsner Style Ale) (4.8%)
Pale straw/gold colour. Unique cask conditioned lager. The use of finest lager malt and German hops results in a true Pilsner-style beer. Aroma hints at both hops and a slight flowery sweetness which is reflected in the taste. Good body for this type of beer, full flavour that leans towards the sweeter side but dryish finish.

Inveralmond Brewery

Thai.P.A. (5.2%)
Thai.P.A. is an experimental IPA brewed with Thai spices has been in high demand since it’s masterful creation. A clear golden beer with a small white head. Aroma of soft thai spices, yellow fruits, pale malt. Taste of citrus, ginger, thai spices, mild bitterness. My goodness its great !!
Ossian (Pale Ale) (4.1%)
A pale, golden coloured brew with a full bodied fruity flavour with distinct nutty tomes and a hoppy, zesty, orange aroma, derived from First Gold and Cascade hops. Excellent brewing resulted in Ossian being judged the Champion Beer of Scotland.

Kelburn Brewery

Jaguar (Golden Ale) (4.5%)
Hot off the press - At this year's Great British Beer Festival - Jaguar was awarded Silver in the Supreme Champions section. Congratulations to the guys at Kelburn. Luckily we have ordered ours early!! A golden, full bodied ale with undertones of grapefruit and a long lasting citrus, hoppy aftertaste. This beer has bite!
Goldihops (Golden Ale) (3.8%)
A beer derived from years of practice searching for the perfect pint, of course hoping secretly that you never actually find it! In other words, a pint suited to the taste- buds of our head brewer that can be savoured several times in one session without feeling like the bottom has fallen out of your world (or vice-versa!). Golden, hoppy, clean on the palate and leaving a long lingering after-taste that will haunt you until you quest for more.

Luckie Ales

Festival Ale – Three Sheets To The Wind (80/-) (4.9%)
We are very proud to announce that this year's festival ale will be brewed by one of the smallest breweries in Scotland. Eighty Shilling - a traditional dark-red Scottish ale, lightly hopped with emphasis on the complex malt flavours. Just got to be tried!

MòR Brewing

MòR Ticia (Stout) (4.5 %)
A full bodied stout with a hint of Vimto and a perfect dark chocolate aftertaste.
MòR Ish! (Amber Ale) (4.2%)
The year started very well for MòR Brewing, a small brewery based in Kellas, and in February they were awarded New Brewery of the Year from Castle Rock in Nottingham. MòR Ish! is a bright amber ale with a malty, fruity aroma and a well-balanced and controlled bitter finish - definitely an ale you want once MòR…ish!

Orkney Brewery

Raven Ale (Session Ale) (3.8%)
Raven Ale is the classic Scottish session ale. Exhibiting a biscuity malt character and a slightly spicy hop aroma of tangy orange, Raven is quaffable and refreshing at any time of year and on any occasion
Corncrake (Golden Ale) (4.1%)
The newest addition to the Orkney range, a very drinkable spring beer. Straw-gold in colour with flavours of soft citrus fruits which combine beautifully with gentle floral notes

Park Brew

The Black IPA (6.6%)
A black full body IPA with notes of roasted coffee and chocolate with a blast of passion fruit and citrus on the nose. Got to be tried !!

RedCastle Brewery

Norseman (American Pale Ale) (4.2%)
Local Ale, brewed in Arbroath. Floral, grassy aroma, golden with a good white head and thick film of lacing, grassy, light citrus flavour, grassy hop finish.

St Andrews Brewing Co

Fife Gold (Golden Ale) (4.2%)
A well balanced straw coloured beer with loaded with the citrus flavours of lemon, lime, and grapefruit contributed by hop varieties from the Northwest US.
Crail Ale (Pale Ale) (4.2%)
A pale ale with a full on citrus punch, loads of Grapefruit and lime from the distinctive Columbus hop. Brewed by popular demand, Crail Ale was named “Champion Beer of Fife 2013″ at The Kingdom of Fife CAMRA Festival and also won the regional competition in the “Sainsburys Great British Beer Hunt” for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Stewart Brewing

Jack Back (Pale Ale) (3.7%)
Pours a pale straw colour, Strong Citrus and tropical fruit aromas hit the senses with a touch of blueberry thrown in there too. The taste is light, crisp and refreshing with a smooth and hoppy finish.
Cascadian East (American Pale Ale) (5.4%)
Cascadian East pours copper with a huge white head. The nose is rife with grapefruit, citrus, and tropical fruit as well as a resinous undertone. Medium to light bodied, this beer has a bouquet of west cost and American hops, and finsihes with a tingling bitterness - crisp and dry.

Strathbraan Brewery

Head East (Bitter Ale) (4.2%)
Head East is one of the two ales first brewed by Mark Proctor for his new Strathbraan brewery. It is a traditional bitter. It is a copper colour in appearance, has a malty character and a pronounced floral aroma. A well balanced beer.
Due South (Pale Ale) (3.8%)
Due South is one of the two ales first brewed by Mark Proctor for his new Strathbraan brewery. It is a classic pale ale. It is a golden colour in the glass and has slight citrus flavours with a refreshing bitterness to the aftertaste. An easy drinking session beer.

Thistly Cross Cider

Strawberry Cider (4.0%)
Strawberry infused cider is matured with masses of pressed Scottish strawberries to make a full bodied, fruit-driven, quenching drink. Rich in colour, the mouth is full of fruit with a clean refreshing finish.
Traditional Cider (4.4%)
A satisfying session cider that has the same smooth flavour as the Original but with a lower ABV. A good full body with a refreshing sparkling mouthfeel. Fruity & aromatic, golden in the glass, with a clean apple finish. A perfect session cider.
Ginger Cider (4.0%)
Ginger cider is matured with fresh-pressed root ginger. A medium dry, full bodied, pale clear gold, spicy drink. Refreshing in summer, reviving in winter. Can be served over ice or steaming hot.

West Beer

West4 (Lager) (4.0%)
WEST4 is the latest addition to the WEST family, brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot (ancient German purity law). It is a session lager, brewed with aromatic hops only and is an easy drinking lager with malty finish that complements the citrus background.

WooHa Brewing Company

India Pale Ale (IPA) (6.2%)
A copper color with a white head. Aroma contains some caramel, citrus, and floral notes. The flavor is slightly bitter and medium sweet but also malty with some oranges and caramel with some pine. Wooha got you all in check!

Williams Bros Brewing Company

Birds & Bees (Golden Ale) (4.3%)
Brewed for the summer evenings when we down tools for the day and repair to the beer garden; this bright, golden ale is a blend of pale malt, cascade and bobek hops with a late infusion of fresh elderflowers and lemon zest. Fruity, aromatic and deliciously refreshing.
Seven Giraffes (IPA) (5.1%)
This aromatic IPA pours a deep gold with citrus hops, followed by sweet caramel. On the tongue the biscuity malts are perfectly balanced with the bitterness of the hops, freshness of the lemon and lingering floral elderflower aftertaste.

What is real ale?

Real ales are produced using a traditional brewing method. Brewing begins by mixing the grist of the highest quality malted barley to hot water in the mash tun, producing a mash.

A sweet liquid called wort is filtered out of the mash and transferred to the brew kettle. The wort is then brought to a rolling boil and hops are added to contribute bitterness, flavour and aroma.

After boiling, the wort is transferred through a heat exchanger, cooling the liquid down to fermentation temperature. The wort is then pumped into the primary fermenter where yeast is added.

After five days or so, the fresh ale is racked to casks where it conditions over two weeks or so ready to be distributed to the market and freshly served using gravity pull handles.

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